Flood Protection
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Flood Protection
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All Of Our Policies Include Flood Insurance for Factory-Built Housing

According to FEMA, all 50 states are vulnerable to floods. However, most homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Having insurance with flood coverage is a way to insure your future. Without flood insurance, you can lose a lifetime of savings in less than a day.

At HomeFirst, we want to make sure that you as owner of a factory-built home are covered in case of a flood even though you do not live in a high-risk categorized area. That is why we provide flood insurance for factory-built homes, mobile homes, modular homes, and manufactured homes as part of our policies so your home is covered in case of flooding. All of our comprehensive policies include coverage for flood damage as well as replacement cost coverage on your home.

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Do You Need Flood Insurance?
Here are some important facts to keep in mind:

You are 27 times more likely to experience a flood than a house fire

1 in 4 flood claims occur in low to moderate-risk areas

Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States

Homeowners and renters insurance does not typically cover flood damage

More than 20 percent of flood claims come from properties outside high-risk flood zones

Flood insurance can pay regardless of whether or not there is a Presidential Disaster Declaration

Disaster assistance comes in two forms: a U.S. Small Business Administration loan, which must be paid back with interest, or a FEMA disaster grant, which is about $5,000 on average per household. By comparison, the average flood insurance claim is nearly $30,000 and does not have to be repaid.