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At HomeFirst Agency, We Take Pride In Our Claims Service

Our team of dedicated claims adjusters and claims service representatives are here to make sure that your relationship with us is one that you value when you need it most. We are committed to providing prompt service and will treat each insured with professionalism and in good faith.

How Our Claims Process Works

Filing an insurance claim is something most people don’t ever want to deal with, but sometimes have to. At HomeFirst®, we know that it can be overwhelming, so we try to make the process as seamless as possible. Here is a look at how our claims process works:


Gather Information and File a Claim

After an incident occurs and damage results, the first step is to gather all the necessary information (i.e. date of loss, name of the insured, address, contact information, policy number and summary of the loss) and file a claim online or by telephone if it's more convenient. It’s also a good idea to contact your lender if you have a home loan and let them know that you have filed a claim.


Speak With an Agent

Once your claim has been submitted, you will be contacted by one of our claims representatives. Although wait times and call length vary, plan to spend around 8-10 minutes speaking with one of our representatives as we gather more information about the damage.


Adjuster is Assigned to Claim

Next, your claim will be assigned to a claims adjuster, who will discuss what information is needed to resolve your claim. Your claims adjuster will have your property inspected if it is necessary to determine the loss and estimate the repair cost.


Claim is Processed

After the damage is documented and/or assessed, your claim enters the processing period. We try to process all claims as quickly as possible and it is our goal to have them resolved as quickly as possible. However, there are some factors that can affect the processing time:

  • If an investigation is needed, this can take a little extra time. Specifically, investigations may be needed on certain types of claims. For example, claims involving fire, burglary, theft, third-party claims, etc.
  • A catastrophic event that has led to a high volume of claims in an area or region.


After your claim is processed, any payment that you are eligible to receive will be sent by mail. The deductible and any applicable depreciation will be deducted before the payment amount is finalized. Components of the process that may affect the amount you receive include:

  • The policy type and amount of coverage you have purchased
  • Your policy deductible for the loss incurred
  • The damage incurred

As stated before, every claim is unique and this timeline may vary based on your specific needs and situation. At HomeFirst®, we strive to get you the best care and service as quickly as we can because your home is as important to us as it is to you.

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These programs may be underwritten by one of the following: American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, with its home office in Miami, Florida, American Security Insurance Company, or Ranchers and Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products. In Utah coverage is provided under policy form AB4080PC-1080.