You have different policy options for your manufactured or modular home coverage. Some of these options affect how much your monthly premium payment will be.

What is an insurance premium payment?

Across different types of insurance policies, from car insurance to life insurance, an insurance premium is the price a policy holder pays for coverage.

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Home Insurance Payment Options at HomeFirst

At HomeFirst Agency, your insurance premium payments can be made in a variety of ways. Your lender may allow or require the option to pay your homeowner's insurance through escrow billing or through payment options. Our homeowner's insurance payment plans include payment schedules of either 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 payments a year.

How is homeowner's insurance paid at HomeFirst?

You can make online payments, automated payments by phone, mail your payments to our office or have automatic billing through an escrow account. At the option of your lender, insurance mortgage escrow billing may be available depending on your manufactured or modular home financing company.

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Choosing the Best Homeowner's Insurance Payment Option for You

A common question is "Do I have to pay homeowner's insurance through escrow?" and the answer is, it depends.

Your lender may require escrow. With HomeFirst, you also have the option to pay your premium online, automated payment by phone or mail a check to our office. However, as you determine the best option for you, consider the following.

What happens if I don't pay my homeowner's insurance?

After a certain number of non-payment days, depending on the laws in your state, your policy will be canceled.

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So, who should I talk to about home insurance options and payment plans?

Whether you have questions about home insurance payment options or coverage, friendly representatives are available to talk with you about how much your premiums are and what sort of homeowner's insurance plans HomeFirst offers. For any questions regarding escrow, contact your lender.

We have customer service agents and sales team agents that are happy to explain what HomeFirst offers. They are glad to answer all your questions about homeowner's insurance and different payment options.

Know ahead of time that your homeowner's insurance premium cost will depend on the type of coverage you choose, but the frequency of your payment can be flexible, and our helpful team can walk through those different payment options with you.

Start with Your Monthly Budget

As you consider your manufactured and modular homeowner's insurance options, you can start figuring out the best homeowner's insurance payment plan for you by organizing your personal budget and finances. To jumpstart your personal budget strategy, use our free budget sheet to organize and track your current expenses.