When you’re cooking for the whole family during the holidays or other special occasions, the kitchen will be busier than normal with multiple cooks and meal preparation, so it’s especially important to take the necessary measures to keep you, your family and home safe. We’re sharing our top cooking safety tips so you can enjoy your family celebration with zero worries.

Tip 1: Don’t Leave Food Unattended While It’s Cooking

Most kitchen fires start because of unattended cooking. Never leave the kitchen while food is cooking. If you need to step out, make sure you have someone keeping an eye on the food because fires can happen in a matter of seconds.

Tip 2: Designate a Separate Area for Kids to Help

Holidays and special occasions are the perfect way to spend quality time with your kids, and that includes having them help in the kitchen. If you have young children, set up a separate station where they can help prep food away from any heating elements like a hot stove, and keep them away from hot liquids and sharp knives.

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Tip 3: Sharpen Your Knives

Working with a sharp knife sounds like it would be more dangerous, but you’re more prone to injury when working with a dull one because you have to use more force and are more likely to lose your grip. Make sure all your knives are well sharpened to make cutting, dicing and slicing easier.

Tip 4: Keep the Kitchen Clutter Free

Not only is a decluttered kitchen easier to cook in, it’s also necessary for safety reasons. Make sure the kitchen floor is free of clutter and keep pets out to prevent tripping.

Tip 5: Smother Grease Fires

If a small grease fire starts, don’t panic. Turn off the heat source, and smother the fire with a pot lid while wearing fire-resistant oven mitts. If it’s an oven fire, turn the oven off and keep the oven door closed. Don’t open the oven door until it’s had time to completely cool. You should also keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen for extra safety. If you can’t contain the fire, have everyone vacate the house immediately. It’s always a good idea to have a family fire escape plan.


Tip 6: Avoid Steam

Steam can cause serious burns, so be careful when you remove a lid from a hot pan. Keep your face away from the top of the pan until the steam has completely cleared, and use an oven mitt to remove the lid to prevent burning your arm.

Tip 7: Check Your Smoke Alarms

Test your smoke alarms monthly to make sure they’re functioning properly. If you have multiple heating elements on at the same time, you can also open windows and doors while you’re cooking to reduce the amount of smoke buildup in the kitchen.

Tip 8: Keep Flammable Items Away From the Stove

Don’t put any flammable items like dish towels near the stovetop and other heating elements, and don’t wear loose fitting clothing.

Tip 9: Fry a Turkey Outside

If you’re frying a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas, do it outside at least 10 feet away from your home or wood deck and never leave it unattended.

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Tip 10: Place Hot Items at the Center of the Table

When you’re ready to set the table, place the hottest items at the center so they’re less likely to be knocked over.

Following these simple tips will make your special occasion gatherings safer and more stress-free, which means you can spend more time enjoying family and food.

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