With an RV, you have the freedom to pack up and head out wherever the road will take you, and you have the affordability of travel without having to book hotels along the way. However, when you are hitting the highway, auto insurance alone may not be enough in case of an accident. Whether you are glamping in style , planning a road trip for some R&R or calling your RV your home sweet home all year long, you need the insurance coverage that fits best for your lifestyle. Below are some options to consider no matter what type of motorhome you have.


Full Timers

As an RV owner, you are considered a full-timer whenever you are living in your motorhome for more than 6 months out of the year. If you are an RV resident most or all the year, you will need additional liability coverage similar to a homeowners insurance policy. You may even be able to bundle the RV policy with your existing home or auto policies and receive a discount. Ask your insurance agent if a full-time RV residence policy is something they offer and be sure to ask what’s included in case you want to add any additional protection for possibilities such as damage to attachments or personal items.

Storage Options

If your RV is more for short-term vacation or recreation and stowed away the rest of the time, you may not need the same amount of coverage all year round. Reach out to your agent about what adjustments can be made to your policy when you’ve put the brakes on your RV for the season. You may be able to keep your property protected but cut back on things like collision coverage while you aren’t behind the wheel.


One of the great things about RVs is how they can be customized for you. Whether your motorhome is equipped with a lift for wheelchairs or a satellite for the comforts of watching your favorite shows, don’t forget to include these items in your policy. Afterall, awnings can tear in inclement weather and water pumps can be damaged. Look into how to customize your coverage to protect any permanent attachments to your motorhome.


Personal Property

Like to bring your canoe, laptop, cameras and other valuables with you on the road? The last thing you want to have happen during your vacation is to have these items damaged or stolen without being able to replace them. Don’t forget that possessions you bring and keep in your RV have coverage options too!

Emergency Expenses

Including roadside assistance may seem obvious with a motorhome, and it comes in handy when you are dealing with a tire blowout or a drained battery. But what about when you face car trouble far from home and need more than just a tow to the mechanic? If the repairs don’t look like a quick fix, you and your family may find yourselves with emergency expenses like booking a hotel room or finding transportation until you can get back on the road. Emergency expense coverage is an additional coverage option that can have your back when facing the unexpected.

Pet Injuries

Medical payments for personal injuries are fairly standard with RV policies, but if an accident occurs and your furry friend is hurt during the accident, pet coverage may help with that visit to the vet. Pets are part of your family, so ask your agent about RV pet coverage   to make sure all your family is covered. Now that’s worth two paws up!

*Coverage required varies by state. International travel to Canada or Mexico may also require more specific or additional coverage. Speak to an agent for any questions you have about what’s needed for your next destination.

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