In an area of the country that normally gets over 12 inches of rain between July and September, residents may not anticipate wildfires to be a threat. However, when East Tennessee experienced a months-long drought in the fall of 2016, a wildfire that began in the Great Smoky Mountains damaged or destroyed many homes in the area.

Unpredicted high-speed winds accelerated the Gatlinburg wildfire's spread, and the wildfire soon burned and damaged around 2,400 homes and buildings across the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area.

Arbor Empress

While people often think of the Western states as more likely to have wildfires, they occur across the U.S. every year. Even places that generally have regular rain and predictable relative humidity levels, such as Gatlinburg, Alligator Alley in Florida and the Southern Plains, recently experienced devastating wildfires.

How to Protect Your Family and Home

Because anything can happen and weather conditions can be unpredictable, the best way to protect your family and your home in case of fire is being prepared.

You can prepare your family and your home for fire emergencies in a couple of ways!

It's also important to have the right home insurance coverage for possible fire damage.

It may seem unnecessary most of the year, but when unexpected events or weather conditions happen, you'll be thankful to have a helpful insurance provider on your side.


Peace of Mind With HomeFirst Agency

When you choose to protect your manufactured home investment with a HomeFirst manufactured home insurance policy, you automatically get coverage for multiple perils, which includes fire! You can rest assured that besides getting coverage for fire damage, there are additional perils that are also covered by your HomeFirst manufactured home insurance policy.

Multiple peril coverage includes flood, windstorms, hurricane and tornadoes. When you have a HomeFirst manufactured home insurance policy, you get the peace of mind of being prepared for life's unexpecteds.

Fire Insurance Claim Process

Since our HomeFirst manufactured home policies cover a variety of natural disasters, filing a fire damage claim is just like filing a claim for flood damage, wind damage or any other unexpected event.

When you call HomeFirst to report your claim, one of our helpful claims service representatives will take your claim and provide you with swift service. A professional will also evaluate your home and applicable property for damage, and then we will quickly get back to you with your claim.

HomeFirst Agency is committed to helping manufactured homeowners like you have the peace of mind that comes with great home insurance coverage. We strive to provide professional, fast and reliable customer service with every home insurance policy, and we look forward to helping your family too.