Are you getting festive and feeling that holiday cheer? Maybe you already have some Christmas decorations up. Whether you are knee deep in jingle bells or about to get started, these tips will help to keep you safe from possible injuries this holiday season.

Storage in the Attic

If you store your holiday decorations in the attic, this can easily be a fall opportunity. If you have an attic, you likely know what a struggle it is to get up and down those steep stairs… now add boxes or totes while going down and you are on your way to a disastrous fall. It’s important to remember that you should have three points-of-contact at all times when climbing up of down a ladder:1


By doing this, you will maintain proper balance. If you plan to store large or heavy items, it’s not a bad idea to look into installing an attic lift. It could help keep you from getting injured and prevent items from being dropped and damaged.

Christmas Lights

Up on the Rooftop

To continue on with ladder safety, let’s move on to hanging some lights on the house. We will start by saying you should never lean over the edge of your roof to put up Christmas lights or decorations. It’s not safe! If you are looking to put lights around the roof of your home, use a step ladder or an extension ladder and remember to follow the three points-of-contact rule mentioned above.

To avoid a Clark Griswold situation, here are some more best practices when decorating the outside of your home on a ladder:

Outside Christmas Decorations

Keep Your Walkways Safe

If you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures in the winter months, then Jack Frost is well on his way for the holidays, too. Making sure your driveway, sidewalks and steps are safe will help prevent falls for you and your guests. Using a snow shovel and salt is a great way to remove ice for a safe place to walk. It’s also a good idea to have anti-slip tape on any steps leading into your home. Once inside, a door mat or rug to wipe moisture off shoes can prevent someone from slipping on your floors or tracking in debris.

Children in Front of Christmas Tree

To Top It Off – The Tree Topper

A common family tradition - putting on the tree topper! As this tradition typically goes, someone in the family gets the honor of placing the tree topper on the very tip top of the Christmas tree as the rest of the family marvels in the moment. But this special moment can be painful if not done safely. Avoid standing on a chair or stool, lifting someone in the air or bending the tree down toward you as you strain to reach the top on your tiptoes. Instead, pull out a step ladder and safely place the tree topper on.

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