Whether you have an ATV or you’re looking to get one, ATV insurance is something you will want to put on your priority list before you start riding. Maybe you are questioning if you really need ATV insurance or why it’s so important. You may need ATV insurance if state laws require it, or if you took out a loan to buy the ATV, your lender probably requires it. But, even if ATV insurance is optional in your state or for your lender, you should still consider the benefits of having it. We will break down the different coverages and what to look for in ATV insurance policies with these 5 reasons why you should want ATV insurance.

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If You Cause an ATV Accident with Another Rider

If you find yourself in a situation where you are at fault for an ATV accident, there are a few coverages you will be thankful you have. When looking for ATV insurance, consider the value of these:

In states that require ATV insurance, be sure to discuss the minimum coverage amounts required by law with your insurance agent.

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If You Are in An ATV Accident That Is Not Your Fault

Let’s say you’re in an ATV accident that isn’t your fault and the responsible party does not carry insurance, or their ATV insurance policy does not provide enough coverage for damage and/or medical expenses. You will be thankful to have Uninsured and Underinsured Insurance Coverage to fill in the gaps needed up to your policy coverage limit.

If Someone Steals or Vandalizes Your ATV

Your heart might sink at the thought of someone stealing or vandalizing your ATV because it’s not cheap to replace or repair one. What if you had to pay for the replacement or repairs out of pocket? No one wants to be in that situation. That’s why you may want Comprehensive Coverage to step in and cover expenses up to the coverage limit in the event of theft, vandalism or damages that are not collision related.


If Your ATV Trailer Gets Damaged

We have talked a lot about damage to your ATV, but what about the trailer you haul your ATV on? If you damaged your trailer while loading your ATV, backed the trailer into a tree or if damage is caused in a variety of other ways, it’s helpful to have coverage for that, too. That’s why some insurance companies offer coverage for transportation trailers in ATV insurance policies.

If You Have Damage to Additional Accessories on Your ATV

We’ve gone over several coverage options, but this one is often forgotten about and yet so beneficial. What about all the additional ATV accessories you put money into? The collision coverage will focus on the ATV repair/replacement up to the coverage limit on the ATV only and only to the condition that it was in as a factory model. This means all the extra add-ons and additional upgrades you may have had on your ATV will not be considered in the cost of replacement or repairs unless you have Accessory Coverage. This coverage can help with the cost of those items up to the coverage limit.

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Now that you know the benefits of the different ATV coverages, you have an idea of what coverages to look for in an ATV insurance policy and why you should consider getting those coverages! Remember that some coverages may be required so to talk to your licensed insurance agent for more details. Have peace of mind when you head out on the trail knowing you have the coverages you want and need with ATV insurance.

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