Summer is here, and the sun is out! It’s the perfect time to lounge poolside, work on a yard project or take the kids to the park. But before you catch some rays, tote these tips with you to make sun safety a summer breeze.

Use Proper Sunscreen

Sunscreen always looks good on you when heading outside. When choosing a sunscreen, check that it is broad spectrum to protect against different UV (ultraviolet) rays. The recommendation for prolonged sun exposure is a minimum of 30 SPF. Apply sunscreen early before enjoying the sunshine and reapply often while you are out. If you will be swimming, you should consider a water-resistant formula to keep sunscreen from washing off faster. You’ll still need to squeeze more about every hour if swimming; you can burn from the sunlight reflecting off the water. Remember to protect your smile too and wear lip balm with SPF.

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If you’re protecting yourself from the sun, you may as well do it in style! Hats with wide brims, large sunglasses with built-in UV blocking, long sleeves and bathing coverups are closet favorites when caring for your skin and eyes. You can also buy clothes with a strong UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) score.


Time It Right

When you are planning outdoor activities, it is best to schedule them earlier or later in the day. Before 10 a.m. and after 2-4 p.m. are the best times because they are not considered peak sun times. The rays are not as strong in the early morning and late afternoon. If you need to be out during peak sun hours, stay in shaded areas or sit under a patio umbrella. This is not only for your skin but to prevent heat exhaustion and other heat-related ailments.

Also, if you’re currently taking medicine listing sun sensitivity as a side effect, it may be best to stay indoors until you finish your prescription. Always check with your healthcare provider for expert advice when taking medications. And don’t forget, even if the forecast is cloudy, sunscreen is still a safe bet when out and about.


Aloe vera gel can be helpful for soothing sunburns, but even if you did not burn, taking care of yourself after a day in the sun is still important. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, take a shower with cool water and then moisturize your skin with lotion before toweling off.

At HomeFirst® Agency, we want you to have a great summer the safe way. So, go out there and enjoy the fresh air. Just put on some sunscreen and sunglasses first.

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