There are several perks to having a condo. Usually, you have access to common amenities, great locations and less maintenance. Enjoy those advantages while protecting your condo with the right insurance for you. Read this breakdown of what condo insurance can include and additional coverages to explore.

The Basics

Repairs Inside

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Most condominium  insurance policies cover the inside of your condo. This can include things like damage to walls, cabinets, and appliances. Talk to your agent about the specifics of what is covered in your condominium insurance policy.


As with homeowners insurance, if guests are injured in your condo, your insurance policy’s personal liability coverage could pay for their medical treatment.


Condo insurance also covers your personal property, even if it’s not inside the condo. If your belongings are stolen, destroyed or damaged during a fire or other covered peril, your policy will help pay toward the cost or replacing them.

Additional Living Expenses

If your condo becomes uninhabitable due to damage from a covered peril, some of your additional living expenses could be covered. These expenses can include temporary living arrangements, storage rental and meals.

Agreed Loss Settlement

If damage to the condominium building exceeds the coverage the Condo Association has, the extra costs may be assessed to the individual condo unit owners. If the damage includes your unit, your personal condo insurance could cover that extra cost. 

More Options

Extra Valuables

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Higher cost items such as a guitar collection or valuable jewelry could need an additional rider added to your condo’s policy. The rider adds additional protection in case theft or covered perils cause the loss of or damage to these valuables.


Your valuables are not the only things that can be stolen. Hundreds of thousands of cases of identity theft have been reported in recent years. You can add the option for your condo insurance to cover some of the costs of recovering your identity if it’s been stolen.

Personal Property Replacement Cost

Should your belongings be stolen or damaged, your condo insurance will pay toward the cost of replacing them with similar or the same items. Talk to your agent about your limits and options on replacement and any additional coverage they offer.

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