Our HomeFirst Insurance Agency® team of claims adjusters and claims service representatives is committed to getting your claims to you as quickly as possible. Even as you wait to receive your claim, we know you're wondering how long it will take and how much you'll receive, so read on to learn how the claims process works.

Mobile Home Insurance Claim Process

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After you've filed a claim, either online or over the phone, and have completed the claims report process, we try to process your claim as quickly as possible. The time it can take varies by claim.

Some key factors that affect the time it takes to process a claim include:

We aim to handle your claim within 30 days, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to process your claim in that time frame. We do our best to complete claims efficiently and provide the best service we can during the process.

Since the investigation needed to complete the claim is often the largest factor in the time it takes to process a claim, accessibility to the home is influential. For instance, certain catastrophic events may result in an inability to access homes in an affected region. Depending on the circumstances, we may not be able to immediately send our field adjusters or at times we may need to assign claims to an independent adjuster.

The location of your home can impact the time it takes to travel to your home for inspection, which will also affect the amount of time it takes to complete an investigation.

How You'll Receive Your Payment

We send claim payments by mail. Keep in mind, we do subtract your deductible and any applicable depreciation from the claim payment. Many claim payments will be paid in full when you receive your payment, but this can vary from claim to claim. Keep reading to learn more about factors that could lead to multiple payments being required.

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Factors Affecting the Payment You Receive

There are a couple key factors that affect how much you will be paid on your claim. The amount of insurance coverage you have purchased is the largest factor. Other factors include:

An additional factor affecting how much you'll receive in a claim payment is the unique nature of each home repair process. We'll address claims as we can and hold off on certain items until we have complete information, which means you may not receive a payment for all covered losses at once.

For example, as repair processes are completed, you may find new complications. An inspector may not get all the necessary information at once, which could mean we cannot complete the claims process immediately.

In some claims processes, we may complete a home investigation, but the homeowners submit their personal property claims sheets at a different date. These factors can result in separate claims payments over time.

These additional, later payments are occasionally made to fulfill our key goal of making sure you are fully compensated for covered losses, prior to the loss, as long as that loss is covered.

Payments for Heightened Costs

Some of our insurance policies include coverage for additional living expenses or loss of home use. If you have this included on your insurance policy, you can receive the amount that the policy covers. This varies by policy, but you may receive a specific amount per day or a percentage of reasonable cost incurred due to not having a livable home.

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Mobile Home Insurance Claims Advice

As previously stated, there are sometimes unknown factors and unforeseen complications that may extend your claims process. To help make your claims process go more smoothly though, you can be prepared by having documentation of the contents in your home.

No one ever expects someone to break into their home or for a catastrophic event to occur where they live. However, by completing a home inventory sheet with pictures of your items, you can be prepared for the unexpected.

We also advise that you make sure you're insured for enough coverage on your personal items. All insurance policies have limits, so ask your representative how your coverage may be capped and carefully consider how much coverage you need to have all your personal items replaced.

Finally, whatever documentation you create for your personal belongings, make sure you have digital and physical copies of that information.

We understand the inconvenience of waiting on replacements or repairs made to your home and we are dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible and getting your claims paid to you quickly!

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