Oh, that dreadful moment when you spot a little critter or two crawling across your floor… Maybe you are asking yourself, “What can I do to get rid of these bugs?” or “How do I keep bugs from getting in my house?” No need to freak out! We have the tips and tricks to prevent those unwanted house guests from getting in your home!

How to Keep Insects Away from Your Home

The best way to keep from having to remove insects from your home, and to keep from having to repair possible insect damage, is to keep them out altogether. Life can get hectic and sometimes those daily chores start to slip away, but that’s when little bugs can take advantage of your busy schedule. Here are some ways to keep those little insects from getting in your home:

Kitchen Cleaning

Eliminate water, food or shelter sources 

Don't let water accumulate in or around your home 

Even improper water drainage outside your home could attract pests if the water causes anything around your home to start rotting.

Close off pest entry points 

Check and maintain window screens 

Avoid providing a hiding place or home 

Get in the habit of taking a few extra minutes a day to clean your home, which may involve:

Pest Bug Spray Outdoors

Natural Insect Repellents

If you've noticed there have been a few critters crawling around your home, you've probably already pulled out the pesticide, but before turning to chemical compounds that could be harmful to you and the environment, try a few natural remedies for these common pests:

Plus, you can check out many more natural pest repellents like essential oils, coffee grounds and apple cider vinegar.

Insect Prevention

Insects and pests belong outdoors, so use these insect prevention tips to keep pests where they belong and out of your home. If you do ever have an infestation, you can call an exterminator to help take care of your bug problem. In the meantime, check out other homeownership tips.

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