Are you looking for ways to improve your budget without cutting down on insurance coverage for your snowmobile? Don’t count out discounts when you’re reviewing your policies! Many insurance companies offer percentages off of their insurance products based on behaviors or policy choices, snowmobile insurance included. Here are some possible discounts that may be available to you so that you can save that extra money for a snowy day.

Taking a Safety Course

Insurers encourage you to play it safe, so you may be rewarded with a discount for being proactive and completing a snowmobile safety course . Learning tips for accident prevention while saving money? Sounds as perfect as fresh fallen snow.

Joining a Snowmobile Association

One of the benefits to joining a snowmobile association can be eligibility for discounts. Some insurers may offer a percentage of savings on your policy for becoming a member of an approved association. If this option is offered by your insurance company, request a list of the associations that have been approved for membership discounts.

Storing Your Sled

Paired with comprehensive coverage, parking your ride in a secure storage area could have you storing up savings as well. If you lock your snowmobile up in the garage, where it’s safe from the wear and tear of the elements, talk to your insurance agent about what discounts may be available based on your policy.

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Using Theft Recovery Tech

Speaking of locking up your snowmobile, installing a device to help recover your snowmobile if it is stolen is another way you may be able to lock in a discount, in addition to giving you more peace of mind. Discuss details with your insurance company or agent about what benefits they may offer for having anti-theft technology.

Insuring Multiple Snowmobiles

If sledding is something the whole family enjoys or you yourself sled often and regularly, you may own and insure several snowmobiles. Make sure to ask about possible lowered rates for insuring multiple snowmobiles on one policy.

Bundling Policies

Bundling up your snowmobile insurance could help you save while you bundle up in your coat and gloves for some quality sledding. Having multiple policies with the same insurer may make you eligible for a discount. So, if you are looking at snowmobile insurance from the same insurer who covers your home or auto insurance, it is a good idea to check if you can earn some savings.

You can also check with your agent about other possible discounts, such as if you renew your snowmobile policy early before it expires. Your insurer may also offer savings for having a history of responsible driving and being an experienced snowmobile rider, making insurance payments on time or, if you are a new customer, having proof of previous snowmobile insurance with another company. Inquire with an agent to learn more about specific details on what you can do to save.

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