Whenever you're dealing with property damage, there's typically some debris left. Before you start cleaning up the debris by yourself, you should know if your home insurance policy includes debris removal. Debris removal coverage is included in all HomeFirst homeowner's policies.

Debris removal is an additional coverage in your homeowner's insurance that provides reimbursement for clean-up costs to remove debris of covered property after damage from a covered loss has occurred.

Whether you're making a claim related to debris removal after a fire, flood or hurricane, you will be reimbursed for that debris removal up to the coverage limit as long as the type of clean up being performed is included in your debris removal coverage.

What does a HomeFirst Agency homeowner's policy cover?

With other insurance policies, you must keep an eye out for policies that have flood coverage, earthquake coverage and liability coverage. With HomeFirst Agency, however, these are all covered, plus additional coverage such as debris removal and physical damage protection.

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How does debris removal work?

If you have experienced home damage, whether it is from an unexpected fire, flood or hurricane, start by reporting your losses to HomeFirst Agency and beginning your claims process.

Next, look for companies or contractors in your area who specialize in clean up and home salvaging. Once you have had debris removal work completed on your property and your claims process has been completed, your covered debris removal will be reimbursed by a check.

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Are there debris removal limits?

Since some losses do not require much debris removal, coverage limit amounts vary. It's important that you know the specifics of your policy, especially the debris removal insurance limits. Feel free to contact a friendly HomeFirst representative to learn more about the property insurance debris removal process and your policy's limits.

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