Have you ever wondered if there are coverages in your homeowners insurance policy that you aren’t aware of, such as debris removal? Whenever you're dealing with property damage, sometimes there's debris left. Before you start cleaning up the debris by yourself, you should know if your homeowners insurance policy covers debris removal.

Some insurers include debris removal in your homeowners insurance policy, while others offer it as an additional coverage or endorsement. It provides assistance for cleanup costs to remove debris of covered property after damage from a covered loss has occurred.

When you're making a valid claim after a fire, flood, hurricane, or other unexpected loss, debris removal coverage may help with the cost of debris removal up to any applicable coverage limits if the type of clean up being performed is included in your policy.

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How Does Debris Removal Work?

If you have experienced property damage, from a fire, flood, hurricane, or other unexpected loss, start by reporting your loss to your insurance company and beginning your claims process.

Depending on the terms of your policy, your insurance company will let you know what information may be needed to continue processing your claim for debris removal.

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Are There Debris Removal Limits?

Debris removal coverage limit amounts can vary. It's important that you know the specifics of your policy, especially the debris removal insurance limits. Feel free to contact your insurance company or agent to learn more about the property insurance debris removal process and your policy's limits.

We take pride in in helping you find the right homeowner’s insurance policies that best fits your needs and making sure you get all the benefits of your policy. That’s why we want to make sure you know the possible coverages and coverage amounts that are available to you.

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