You just found the home of your dreams, congratulations and welcome to homeownership! As you transition into your new home, you get to enjoy the many new freedoms that homeownership brings. Freedom from things like landlords, home decorating restrictions and paying for property that isn't yours. Instead, you get to enjoy the personalized space of your home sweet home!

To help make your transition into homeownership as smooth as possible, we've created a New Homeowner's Checklist. Be prepared for all that homeownership brings.

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Setting Up Your Budget & Records

Getting your budget ready and all of your records organized will help ease your transition. Some of the records that you'll want to keep organized and safely stored include:

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After you collect your personal records, focus in on your financial records and create your budget. Start with figuring out how much you'll be spending each month on items like groceries, insurance, travel and if it applies, any financing payments you may have. In regards to home financing and home insurance, it is possible that both of those payments might be included in one payment if your home insurance is escrowed.

Disaster Preparedness

Safety Preparation

You want to make sure that you and your family are safe in your new home. To do so, check the following!

Get to Know Your Home

In case of any emergency, you'll want to locate certain key utilities in your home as soon as you move in such as your water shutoff valve, water heater, and circuit breaker.

Moving In

Settling In

As you settle in, make sure to do the following to keep all of your personal business in order.

Although this checklist is not a comprehensive checklist for the transition into your new home, it should make the new adventure of homeownership easier! To help you as you transition, start creating your home inventory sheet so you can keep track of your valuables as you move and be prepared in case of any unexpected incidents.

This is just the beginning of your homeownership! We are here to help you with tips along the way such as home maintenance tips.

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