It’s the morning after a stormy night, and you’re feeling well rested from the soothing pitter-patter of rain and thunder…But, what about your furry friend? You look over and see the pitiful glistening eyes of your sleep deprived pup and wonder how you can help.

Let’s take a look at why your pup might be scared, easy ways to comfort them at home and things that might help when you are not able to be there.

Troublesome Thunder

When it’s raining cats and dogs (figuratively for a good laugh) and the sound of thunder is loud enough to give even you the creeps, you can start to imagine how your dog might feel. If your dog gets scared at just the sound of thunder, then you might want to try some techniques to mask the sound.

If you find this is helpful while you are at home with your dog during a storm, you might want to try it when you know you’ll be away. If you know it’s going to storm while you’re at work or when you’re gone, try leaving the TV on. If your pup stays in a kennel or is sectioned to only part of the house, try using a radio or sound machine in that area to help drown out the sounds of the storm.

Boy Petting a Dog

Could it be Static?

This may seem shocking, according to a recent article, some dogs might experience static in their fur during a storm. While this may not seem like a big deal, static can cause tiny shocks when their noses touch something that isn’t grounded. Think about it this way, you put on a sweater that is holding some static, you touch something metal and whoa! You feel that quick electrifying pop – that’s what your pet is feeling.

There are static guard jackets you can buy for your pup to help take the static out of their fur and eliminate the scary static shock. The jackets also serve several purposes such as helping with anxiety as it wraps around the dog and helps them feel comforted and safe.

What is Your Dogs Storm Reaction?

Each dog has their own personality and they may react to storms in their own way. There are several common reactions a pup might display. Let’s look at these 6 pup reactions and check out some ways to help.

Relaxing With Dog

The Shaker

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your fur baby trembling and shaking in fear. If your pup is a shaker during a storm, you may find that they like to be close to you, held and comforted while it’s storming.

When you’re not home, the thought of your pet being scared and shaking during a thunderstorm can be even more upsetting. If this is your dog, the static guard jackets may be a good option since it helps with anxiety.

The Pacer

You know your dog better than anyone else and you can tell when they are anxious and distraught. Does your pup pace the floor back and forth? Maybe you have tried to comfort them and tried to get them to sit with you, but all your pet wants to do is keep moving. Pacing is the anxiety release your dog goes to and that's ok. Trying to get them to stop might make them even more anxious. Instead, try playing fetch or other games you know your dog likes. This will keep them distracted in a fun, less stressful way allowing them to release any nervous energy.

The Barker

Does your dog get vocal during storms? If it’s storming at night, everyone in the house might be recognizing (or hearing) the family dog is a little anxious. Try some calming techniques like a soothing massage while talking to your dog assuring them that it's ok. While doing this, try to mask the sound of the storm with the techniques mentioned earlier such as having a tv on or if it's at night, a sound machine that can block out the sound of thunder.

Dog with Soccer Ball

The Chewer

Does your dog start chewing things more when there is a storm? Maybe you have come home to find a piece of furniture has been chewed or your fur baby has been destructively chewing other things up- you know, everything except their bone. If chewing is an outlet for your dog during a storm, try using treat filled puzzles. These are dog toys that you put treats in and your pet can work at getting the treat out, this could help distract them during the storm.

The Hider

At the first sound of thunder, does your pup take off and hide? Create a safe place. Where does your pup run to? Maybe they go to their crate or hide in your closet. Wherever they tend to run and hide gives them a safe feeling.

You can make that place feel a little more comforting for them by putting a pet bed there. Maybe add a couple of chew toys and a sound machine to mask the thunder to help them cope with the anxiety of the storm.

The Chiller

Does your dog just carry on as usual and seem unphased by the storm? You my friend are a lucky one! Some pups might not be scared of storms. It’s possible that by following some of the suggestions and tips above, a pup that once was a The Hider might become The Chiller.

Family Hugging with Puppy

Pets are a part of the family, so when that thunder starts rolling we don’t want your pet to be scared. They might not be the only one with fears, you might also have a fear of the storm causing damage to your home. With HomeFirst®, we are here to keep you and your family safe so you can have peace of mind during a storm.

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