If you’re going on vacation or need to leave your condo for a few days, the last thing you want is to come back to a break-in or maintenance problem. Take some stress out of traveling with these HomeFirst® Agency tips on how to hold down the fort when you’re away.

Add Security

Installing a security system and door cameras, if allowed, in or around your condo can help you feel safer. Alert your security system team before going on a trip, so they know to keep an eye out. Some condo communities also have a private security team and their own surveillance. The more obstacles you can put in a burglar’s way, the harder and less attractive a break-in attempt will be.

Sense More Than Theft

If you already have or are thinking about installing a security system, talk to the company about protection against other threats against your home, such as flooding or smoke. These additions can give you peace of mind by knowing you are prepared for multiple scenarios.

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Keep Up Appearances

Another way to protect your condo is to make it look like you are still home. Here are several suggestions. If possible, keep your car parked in your driveway or normal spot. Leave a radio or smart speaker on at a low volume. Run your heat or air conditioning at a temperature that will kick on occasionally as if someone is home. If cold weather is predicted, be sure to set the heat to protect your pipes from bursting.

You can use lights with timers that will switch on and off throughout the day and night. A trusted friend or family member could also come by every day so someone is seen going in and out.

Empty the Mailbox

You can also put a hold on your mail at the post office for the time period you will be gone. Or someone else can pick up your mail for you. Mail piling up is a sign to potential burglars no one is checking it and your condo may be empty.

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Tidy Up

Cleaning your condo before vacation not only saves you stress later but also helps you from coming back to pesky little guests. Take out any garbage in the house. Wash dishes and wipe the counters before leaving. Check that all food is properly sealed and stored. If you have a pet you’re boarding, close all pet food containers. If you have a pet sitter, sealing the food after feedings should be added to their list of tasks. These simple chores will help prevent pests such as ants and mice from invading your home.

Pause Social Media

When going on vacation, it is tempting to share the news online with friends or post photos on social media. Avoid advertising that you are miles away and post those photos post vacation. It’ll be fun to share those photos and stories when you get back, and you’ll keep your condo safer.

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