If you have a golf cart, your auto or home insurance may not have it covered. Some states may require you to have golf-cart-specific insurance, but even if your state doesn’t require it, you should consider it. Whether your cart has a collision or a passenger is injured, golf cart insurance has several coverage options for when you’re on the course or driving around the neighborhood.


For states that require golf cart insurance, you are required to purchase a certain minimum amount of liability coverage in case of an accident. This would help pay toward the costs for any injuries or property damages you are legally responsible for. Ask your insurance agent about the minimum coverage amounts and if you should consider purchasing a policy above the legal minimum. In either case, you would most likely be accountable for any expenses that go over your policy’s limits.


Comprehensive insurance coverage can help you pay for repairs and even a replacement of your golf cart in the event it is stolen or damaged by vandalism, fire, storms and other perils listed in your policy.

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Collision insurance coverage is just like it sounds. It helps pay for repairs to your golf cart when it has collided with or hit another vehicle or object. There may be a deductible required, but damage to your golf cart typically will be covered whether the accident was your fault or not.

Medical Payments

If your passengers or you are injured while riding in your golf cart, medical payment coverage may help cover the medical care and funeral expenses up to the limit detailed in your policy. Talk to your local agent to discuss which coverage amount is best for you. Medical payment coverage typically also covers the expenses no matter who is at fault.

Your insurance agency may offer other more specific coverages, so it’s a good idea to discuss what options and additions they have for you based on your golf-cart use and needs. You should also discuss any discounts you may qualify for to save while being safe. Golf cart insurance is just one of the ways to protect yourself and others while driving one. Following safety tips while operating your cart is also a smart way to take preventative action against accidents.

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